Falcone was founded in 1997 and since then has aspired to satisfy the palates of consumers with their unrivalled natural recipes based on simple and carefully selected ingredients. The innovative quality products they produce have allowed them to grow significantly in such a short time and they are well on their way to join the ranks of the some of the most important Italian producers of cakes and biscuits.

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Falcone Cantucci Almond

Classic crisp biscotti made with hand selected almonds.
Falcone Cantucci Almond XL

Extra-large individually wrapped almond biscotti.
Falcone Cantucci Chocolate

Biscotti with chocolate chips.
Falcone Cantucci Cranberry

Biscotti with cranberries.
Falcone Cantucci Individual

Individually wrapped mini (8g) almond biscotti. Fantastic to serve on the side with an espresso or cappuccino.
Falcone Cantucci Pistachio

Biscotti with pistachios.
Falcone Cantucci Walnut and Apricot

Biscotti made with walnut and apricot pieces.
Falcone Soft Amaretti

Soft almond macaroon cookies.