Over the years, Neapolitans have cultivated a special relationship with the art of blending and roasting espresso beans. It is deep rooted in both their culture and lifestyle and it is this passion for "un vero caffé" that founded Kimbo in 1963 by the Rubino Brothers. Kimbo is committed to creating and supplying a superior espresso experience to coffee aficionados in over 50 countries around the world and today has become one of the best selling espresso coffees not only in Italy, but Canada as well. The relationship between Kimbo and GiGi dates back to our inception as it is proudly the first brand we ever began to import into Canada.

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Kimbo Arabica Espresso Capsules

Capsules for espresso capsule machine.
Kimbo Decaf Beans

Decaffeinated espresso beans.
Kimbo Decaf Espresso

Ground decaffeinated espresso coffee.
Kimbo Decaf Espresso Capsules

Decaf espresso for a capsule espresso machine.
Kimbo Decaf Espresso Pods Shelf

Decaf espresso for pod machines.
Kimbo Decaf Tin

Ground decaf espresso in convenient screw top tin.
Kimbo Espresso Capsules

Classic full bodied espresso blend for a capsule machine.
Kimbo Espresso Classico Beans

An 80% robusta & 20% Arabica premium bean blend.
Kimbo Espresso Gold 100% Arabica

100% Arabica ground espresso.
Kimbo Espresso Gold 100% Arabica Tin

100% Arabica ground espresso in convenient screw top tin.
Kimbo Espresso Napoletano

A stronger, dark roast ground espresso.
Kimbo Espresso Napoletano Beans

New Arrival! A full bodied, medium roast espresso coffee with an intense taste profile yet delicate aroma.