Albertengo has always been clear about its mission: to pursue 360 degree quality, constantly investing in research and innovation, continually improving its products starting from the ingredients, processing, and packaging, while remaining true to the great tradition linked to the production of the world famous Italian panettone.

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Albertengo Gran Passito

A premium panettone made with raisins that have been soaked in passito wine.
Albertengo Panettone al Limone di Sorrento

A premium panettone made with the famous lemons of Sorrento.
Albertengo Panettone al Moscato

Naturally leavened baked Christmas cake with delicious raisins soaked in Moscato wine, topped with pearl sugar. A Piedmont specialty panettone that Albertengo i
Albertengo Panettone Senza Canditi

Classic naturally leavened Christmas cake without any candied fruit pieces and filled only with delicious juicy raisins.