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Extra Hot Bomba

A truly hot calabrese bomba that can be added to just about anything if you love heat. Try it on sandwiches, pizza or your favourite pasta dish.
GiGi Linea Oro DOP Pesto/Balsamic

A premium pesto made with certified D.O.P. basil of Genoa and balsamic glaze of Modena. Enjoy as a sauce for your pasta or simply as a spread or dip.
GiGi Linea Oro Fig Jam

A premium jam with 80% fruit content.
GiGi Linea Oro Sauce/Napoletana

An authentic tasting all natural, GMO free sauce in classic tomato and basil flavour.
GiGi Sweet Green Cerignola Olives

Firm and sweet, the cerignola is Puglia's most famous olive and our best selling. We prepare ours naturally without any GMOs or colourants.
Lazzaroni Zerole Sugar Free/Milk

Milk cookies with no added sugar in convenient individually wrapped portions.
Sgambaro Organic Kamut Farfalle

Pasta lover that likes to keep it healthy? Try this delicious pasta extruded in bronze and made from 100% organic kamut, one of the healthiest ancient grains.